Hazel's is a hand-crafted Barbecue Sauce that has been family made for the past 50 years.  That's right! We have been helping people "up their grill game" for FIVE DECADES!  

The foundation of the sauce started with Hazel Brown's father who honed the recipe and created the rich tasting sauce that our customers love. 

Hazel continued to make the sauce after her father passed and shared the secret recipe with those she loved most.

Hazel's legacy lives on through the legendary BBQ sauce and the work of her children and grand children.


Hazel Brown was a mother to ten kids, and each of her children had an average of three kids.  Imagine how busy the holidays were at the Brown residence!  With over thirty family members present during the spring and summer time, barbecues were a lot of fun.  But Grandma Hazel found that cooking on this scale was expensive.  


When she barbecued, she found ways of saving money on buying meat.  The main problem she had was the prices of the BBQ sauce.  The BBQ sauce was awfully expensive, so instead of purchasing BBQ sauce, Hazel decided to make her own, following her father’s recipe.  Using his ingredients as the foundation, she perfected her very own recipe, which was enough BBQ sauce to feed her large family at an affordable price. 

The sauce was perfect so perfect, in fact, several family members recall Hazel Brown using whole onions, and when family members found pieces of the onions, they ate them. Today, her hand-crafted BBQ sauce lives on through the work of her children and grandchildren and has for over fifty years.




Cornelius Brown.png


Cornelius Brown is the General Manager of Hazel's Barbecue Sauces.  Pictured here with his dad, Carl Brown, he spearheads the production and distribution of this 50 year old recipe. 

Thanks to Cornelius and family, we can all "UP OUR GRILL GAME!"